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SuperLite 17B


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SuperLite® 17B

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  • 500-010 SL 17B Helmet w/Posts
  • 500-011 SL 17B Helmet w/MWPC

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  • SL-17 Neck Clamp & Yoke Assemblies
    Part# 505-008
  • Latch Catch Assembly
    Latch Catch Assembly: Pull Pin Type
    Part# 505-010
  • SuperLite 17 Head Cushion Foam Replacement Kit
    Part# 510-523
  • SL-17A/B Neck Dam (pre-'84), Medium
    Part# 510-528
  • SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), Medium
    Part# 510-531
  • SL-17A/B Drawstring Neck Dam
    Part# 510-533
  • XL Drawstring Neck Dam Installation Procedures
    Part# 510-643
  • Communications Kit for all Helmets and Band Masks
    Communications Kit for all Helmets and Band Masks
    Part# 515-033
  • Terminal Block Kit
    Part# 515-061
  • O-Ring Kit, SL 17B/NS & MK-21
    Part# 525-023
  • Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit
    Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit
    Part# 525-032
  • Hot Water Shroud
    Hot Water Shroud Kit for SL Helmets, KM 37/57 & KMB 18/28

    The Hot Water Shroud can be used whenever diving operations are conducted on mixed gas, or when diving in cold water. The shroud helps warm the diver's incoming air, thereby lessening diver's heat loss.

    Part# 525-100
  • Double Exhaust Kit for 17 A/B/K
    Part# 525-102
  • Double Exhaust Whisker
    Whisker Only, Double Exhaust for 17A/B/K

    For 17B helmets still equipped with the early style double exhaust (instead of the current Quad Valve) replacement double exhaust whiskers are still available.

    Part# 525-103
  • Insert Testing Block Kit
    Part# 525-115
  • Front Weight Kit for SL-17 and MK-21
    Part# 525-130
  • SL 17 Strap Kit
    Chin & Yoke Strap Kit
    The SL-17B Helmet ships with a low profile strap system designed to retain the helmet to the neck clamp/yoke assembly in the event these two main components accidentally become separated.
    Part# 525-234
  • Regulator Rebuild Kit
    525-309 Regulator Rebuild Kit
    For Helmets & KMB-BandMasks® with the “A”/“B” or SuperFlow® 350 Regulator.
    Part# 525-309
  • Side Block Rebuild Kit
    Side Block Kit
    Part# 525-311
  • Helmet Spares Kit for SL-17A/B
    Part# 525-317
  • One Way Valve Kit
    One Way Valve Kit
    Part# 525-330
  • Helmet Spares Kit for SL-17B N/S Mod. 1 Helmets
    Part# 525-345
  • Soft Goods Kit
    Part# 525-360
  • SL-17A/B and SL-17C Anode Kit
    Anode Kit 17B/17C
    Part# 525-376
  • Welding Shield Assembly
    Welding Shield Assembly

    The Welding Shield covers the entire viewport area of your helmet or mask, and accepts a standard 4 x 5 inch weld glass.This welding shield will retrofit to all KMB BandMasks® and SuperLite® helmets using the same mounting holes as the original, smaller, weld lens assembly.

    Part# 525-400
  • Welding Lens Assembly
    Weld Lens Assembly

    The Welding Lens Assembly will fit all SuperLite® Kirby Morgan® Helmets and BandMasks®. The port retainers are supplied with two plug screws which are designed to protect the two threaded holes on the port retainer which are provided for the welding lens assembly.

    There are three densities of lens available:

    Part # 525-405 Lens, Light (#5)

    Part # 525-406 Lens, Medium (#10)

    Part # 525-407 Lens, Dark (#12)

    This assembly is designed to provide visual protection only!

    Part# 525-403
  • Regulator Tool Kit with Pouch
    Tool Kit with Pouch
    Part# 525-620
  • Tri-Valve® Exhaust Kit
    Tri-Valve® Exhaust Kit
    Part# 525-752
  • Quad Valve Exhaust Kit
    Quad Valve Exhaust Kit
    Part# 525-759
  • Quad-Valve Cover Kit for SL-17A/B/C/K and 37
    Part# 525-762
  • SuperFlow® Regulator Assembly Kit
    Part# 525-773
  • Oral Nasal With Lens Retainer Kit
    Oral Nasal With Lens Retainer Kit

    The Lens Retainer Kits are for divers who require eyeglasses. This kit contains P/N 520-538 Lens Retainer, P/N 530-923 Mount Wire and P/N 510-747 Oral Nasal Mask (this oral nasal replaces the previous model P/N 510-690 oral nasal). This kit fits all helmets and BandMasks® equipped with the SuperFlow® 350 and 450 regulators. Take the Lens Retainer to your local optometrist, have them make a set of prescription R/X lenses to fit into the frames, then simply mount them onto your oral nasal P/N 510-747.

    Part# 525-775
  • Lens Retainer Kit
    Lens Retainer Kit
    Part# 525-776
  • ‘A’ Regulator Assembly Kit
    Part# 525-777