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M-48 SuperMask


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M-48 SuperMask

The patented Kirby Morgan SuperMask® is a lightweight modular full face mask that allows for easy and rapid adaptation to various self contained underwater breathing apparatuses as well as surface supplied systems.

The mask frame and rigid components are made of high impact plastic. The face seal is made of the highest quality silicone and conforms to the diver's face. The modular removable mouth pod is designed to quickly interchange allowing the diver multiple breathing gas options. The mask is also designed to accept various wireless communications configurations.

The removable lower pod is a feature unique to the Kirby Morgan® M-48 Modular Full Face Masks. When diving, the pod is easily removed and replaced on the mask for diver capability to buddy-breathe, use a snorkel or an octopus or perform an "in water" gas switch.

With the pod sealed to the mask, the flexible, silicone pod cover allows the diver to quickly place the regulator mouthpiece into the mouth or dive with it free of the mouth for communications. With the mouthpiece in the mouth, the regulator may be used without the pod being sealed to the mask.


    • Part # 805-010
      with 200-130
      M-48 SuperMask® with Balanced Scuba Regulator

    • Part # 805-010
      with 805-015
      M-48 SuperMask® with SCUBA Pod Assembly

    • Part # 805-010
      M-48 SuperMask®, No POD

    • Part # 200-130
      SCUBA Pod Assy, w/ Balanced Scuba Regulator

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  • 200-125 Balanced SCUBA Regulator Assembly for M-48 SuperMask® and MOD-1
    Balanced SCUBA Regulator Assembly for M-48 SuperMask® and MOD-1
    Part# 200-125
  • Scuba Pod Assy, with Balanced Scuba Reg
    Part# 200-130
  • 225-017 Overpressure Relief Valve Rebuild Kit
    Overpressure Relief Valve Rebuild Kit
    Part# 225-017
  • Balanced SCUBA Regulator rebuild Kit
    Part# 225-120
  • SCUBA Pod Assembly with Tilt-to-Purge
    Part# 805-015
  • 805-026 SCUBA Pod Assembly with Balance Purge Tube
    SCUBA Pod Assembly with Balance Purge Tube
    Part# 805-026
  • 815-060 SuperMask®/MOD-1 Communications Assembly
    SuperMask®/MOD-1 Communications Assembly
    Part# 815-060
  • T-Bit Pod Basic Maintenance Kit
    Part# 825-005
  • Rebreather Pod Regulator Overhaul Kit
    Part# 825-010
  • Rebreather Pod Soft Goods Overhaul Kit
    Part# 825-015
  • Rebreather Pod with Switchover Regulator Annual Overhaul Kit
    Part# 825-025
  • Overseas Spares Kit for M-48
    Part# 825-028
  • Switchover Regulator Kit
    Part# 825-030
  • Metal/Plastic Buckle Assembly Kit
    Metal/Plastic Buckle Assembly Kit
    Part# 825-040
  • Metal/Plastic Buckle Assembly Kit
    Metal Buckle Assembly Kit
    Part# 825-041
  • 825-050 Earphone Pocket Kit
    Earphone Pocket Kit
    Part# 825-050