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SuperLite 17B


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SuperLite® 17B

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  • 500-010 SL 17B Helmet w/Posts
  • 500-011 SL 17B Helmet w/MWPC

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  • SL-17 Neck Clamp/Yoke Assembly
    Part# 505-008
  • Latch Catch Assembly
    Latch Catch Assembly: Pull Pin Type
    Part# 505-010
  • Head Cushion, SL 17A/B
    Head Cushion, SL 17A/B
    The fit of the head cushion is critical to both comfort and safety. In general, the head cushion should be snug fitting and help hold the helmet to your head. The head cushion should also be adjusted so that it assists in the proper seal of the oral nasal mask to the face. Earphone holes are no longer present in the side pieces, but may be cut if the user prefers. The liner is made of a durable, nylon based material (black), plus, a webbing strap has been added to strengthen the snap mountings.
    Part# 510-521
  • SuperLite 17 Head Cushion Foam Replacement Kit
    Part# 510-523
  • SL-17A-B Neck Dam (pre-'84), Medium
    SL-17A/B Neck Dam (pre-'84), Medium
    Part# 510-528
  • SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), Large
    SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), Large
    Part# 510-530
  • SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), X-Large
    SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), Medium
    Part# 510-531
  • SL-17A/B Drawstring Neck Dam
    SL-17A/B Drawstring Neck Dam
    Part# 510-533
  • SL-17A/B Drawstring Neck Dam, XL
    SL-17A/B Drawstring Neck Dam, XL
    Part# 510-643
  • SL-17A-B Neck Dam (pre-'84), Small
    SL-17A/B Neck Dam (pre-'84), Small
    Part# 510-649
  • SL-17A/B Neck Dam (pre-'84), Large
    SL-17A/B Neck Dam (pre-'84), Large
    Part# 510-650
  • SL-17A/B Neck Dam (pre-'84), X-Large
    SL-17A/B Neck Dam (pre-'84), X-Large
    Part# 510-651
  • SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), Small
    SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), Small
    Part# 510-652
  • SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), X-Large
    SL-17A/B Cold Water Neck Dam (pre-'84), X-Large
    Part# 510-653
  • Oral Nasal, Small, SL 17 A/B
    Oral Nasal, Small, SL 17 A/B
    Part# 510-669
  • Oral Nasal Mask
    Oral Nasal Mask
    Part# 510-747
  • Communications Kit for all Helmets and Band Masks
    Communications Kit for all Helmets and Band Masks
    Part# 515-033
  • Terminal Block Kit
    Part# 515-061
  • O-Ring Kit, SL 17B/NS & MK-21
    Part# 525-023
  • Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit
    Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit
    Part# 525-032
  • Double Exhaust Kit for 17 A/B/K
    Part# 525-102
  • Double Exhaust Whisker
    Whisker Only, Double Exhaust for 17A/B/K

    For 17B helmets still equipped with the early style double exhaust (instead of the current Quad Valve) replacement double exhaust whiskers are still available.

    Part# 525-103
  • Insert Testing Block Kit
    Part# 525-115
  • Front Weight Kit for SL-17 and MK-21
    Part# 525-130
  • SL 17 Strap Kit
    Chin & Yoke Strap Kit
    The SL-17B Helmet ships with a low profile strap system designed to retain the helmet to the neck clamp/yoke assembly in the event these two main components accidentally become separated.
    Part# 525-234
  • Regulator Rebuild Kit
    525-309 Regulator Rebuild Kit
    For Helmets & KMB-BandMasks® with the “A”/“B” or SuperFlow® 350 Regulator.
    Part# 525-309
  • Side Block Rebuild Kit
    Side Block Kit
    Part# 525-311
  • Helmet Spares Kit for SL-17A/B
    Part# 525-317
  • One Way Valve Kit
    One Way Valve Kit
    Part# 525-330
  • Helmet Spares Kit for SL-17B N/S Mod. 1 Helmets
    Part# 525-345
  • Soft Goods Kit
    Part# 525-360
  • Regulator Tool Kit with Pouch
    Tool Kit with Pouch
    Part# 525-620
  • Tri-Valve® Exhaust Kit
    Tri-Valve® Exhaust Kit
    Part# 525-752
  • Quad Valve Exhaust Kit
    Quad Valve Exhaust Kit
    Part# 525-759
  • Quad-Valve Cover Kit for SL-17A/B/C/K and 37
    Part# 525-762
  • SuperFlow Regulator Assembly Kit
    SuperFlow® Regulator Assembly Kit
    Part# 525-773
  • ‘A’ Regulator Assembly Kit
    Part# 525-777