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SuperFlow Scuba Regulator Assembly w/Metal Adjustable 2nd Stage


metal superflow regulator assembly

SuperFlow Scuba Regulator Assembly w/Metal Adjustable 2nd Stage

Second Stage Adjustable demand regulator.

We’ve taken the demand regulator from the world renowned SuperLite® 17B deep sea commercial diving helmet, and made it accessible to SCUBA divers. This second stage regulator has been dive tested to over *1600 feet. It is fully adjustable with our Dial-a-Breath control, and is available in metal or plastic. Coupled with our 305-161 high flow, piston first stage, made with design principles from our Kirby Morgan Air Control Systems, these regulators offer the scuba diver the same reliable, high performance that commercial divers have put their trust in for over thirty years.

*We do not recommend sport diving deeper than 130 feet.

NOTE: Use of P/N 200-017 Overpressure Relief Valve with 305-161 First Stage Regulator in these assemblies, especially when the first stage is part of the diver’s bail out system/emergency gas system/secondary air supply system, is strongly recommended.

The SuperFlow® First Stage SCUBA Regulator Assembly meets all requirements of European standard EN250 and is CE approved and CR rated.

The SuperFlow® Metal Second Stage is not CE approved, however, it is CR rated.

Part Number 300-276

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