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Bulletin # 01 of 1997

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #1 of 1997
Title Type: 
Caution Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #1 of 1997. October 15, 1997
Bulletin Type: 
Caution Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Predive Equipment Inspections
Products Affected: 
Kirby Morgan® SuperLite® Helmets & BandMasks®

The purpose of this Caution Bulletin is to remind all end users and owners of any Diving Systems International Kirby Morgan Deep Sea Diving Equipment that the pre-dive inspection and check of all working components is extremely important.

Before every dive, this life-support equipment should be completely checked for any damage or wear. Even normal wear & aging will eventually result in the need to replace parts. Any abnormal condition of any component requires the removal and replacement of the component. All mechanical components should function smoothly.

If any part doesn't look right, don't use it.

All metal parts should be inspected for cracks or corrosion and replaced immediately if this type of damage is found. While some surface rust or corrosion is to be expected, severe corrosion can lead to the eventual failure of the part.

Cracks or heavy wear of the fiberglass shell should be repaired ONLY BY AN AUTHORIZED DSI CERTIFIED REPAIR FACILITY! Any fiberglass work done by a non authorized facility voids any warranty by DSI and could even result in the catastrophic failure of the part. This could result in injury or death to the diver.


Use only Diving Systems International Kirby Morgan original replacement parts.  The use of other manufacturer's parts will interfere with the performance characteristics of your life support  equipment and may jeopardize your safety.  Additionally, any substitutions will void any warranties offered by DSI. When ordering spares, always insist on Kirby Morgan Genuine Parts.