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Bulletin # 01 of 2014

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Bulletin #1 of 2014
Title Type: 
Caution Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #1 of 2014. February 27, 2014
Bulletin Type: 
Caution Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Unauthorized Sellers / Buyer Beware!

It has been brought to the attention of commercial diving industry professionals that some Kirby Morgan® products (primarily spare parts) are being sold to unwary customers through unauthorized channels, such as from mobile “shops”; that is, parts sold out of trucks or vans, by un-licensed, un-certified persons that do not have the knowledge, authority, or support to back up their sales with service, warranties, or verification that these parts are correct or genuine.

Other businesses taking advantage of those unaware are unauthorized dive shops, supply houses, trading companies, online shopping websites, etc., falsely claiming to be “authorized distributors” or dealers for the products they sell.

This is of utmost concern to Kirby Morgan Dive Systems® due to the fact that customers may not be receiving genuine Kirby Morgan® parts; the correct parts required for properly maintaining their Kirby Morgan® life support equipment.


Though same or similar in appearance and packaging to the “real thing”, parts obtained from unauthorized sellers may possibly be counterfeit, may not be of the correct specifications, material, or quality, and therefore may lead to improper function or failure of your Kirby Morgan® Mask or Helmet, causing serious injury or death!

Buyer Beware!

Always buy your Kirby Morgan® parts from an authorized Kirby Morgan® Dealer. All authorized Kirby Morgan® dealers are listed on our website, www.kirbymorgan.com/dealers.

Also, as seen throughout our product manuals and literature:


Use only KMDSI original replacement parts. The use of other manufacturers’ parts will interfere with the performance characteristics of your life support equipment and may jeopardize your safety. Additionally, any substitutions will void any warranties offered by KMDSI. When ordering spares, always insist on Kirby Morgan® Genuine Parts.

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail KMDSI at [email protected] for more information.