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Bulletin # 02 of 2009

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Bulletin # 2 of 2009
Title Type: 
New Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 2 of 2009. April 14, 2009
Bulletin Type: 
New Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Regulator Mount Nut Socket Wrench P/N 525-625
Products Affected: 
525-620, Tool Kit w/Pouch
Bulletins 2 of 2009

This side is used with the SuperLite 27, 17K Kirby Morgan® 37/57 and current BandMasks which use the SuperFlow® 350 regulator, 505-069 and 505-560.

This side is used only for the 17B, Pre '99 KMB® 18's, Pre September 2004, KMB® 28's, 505-027 and 'A' regulator 505-026

The original Inlet Valve, P/N 220-050, and the Inlet Valve Assembly, P/N 205-015, have been modified to include a co-molded stainless steel balance chamber. The new part numbers with the modification are, 220-050SS, for the valve, and 205-015SS for the valve assembly (includes the silicone seat).

This modification is very obvious, as the stainless steel balance chamber is easily visible at the end of the part, (assembly). The change creates a slightly longer balance chamber that will allow finer adjust- ment when using supply pressures at the low end of the supply tables.

The new Inlet Valve Assembly part number, 205-015 SS, and the individual Inlet Valve part number, 220-050 SS, will be used strictly on SuperFlow® 450 regulator assemblies and associated kits, P/N 505- 561, P/N 525-718 and P/N 525-217.

The original Inlet Valve, P/N 220-050, and the Inlet Valve Assembly, P/N 205-015 are available and the ONLY approved parts, at this time, to be used on the NATO switchover regulator and pod assembly, P/N 805-001 and P/N 805-050. The modified parts will fit with this regulator, and will be used at a future date when official military approval has been issued.


For further information, contact your authorized Kirby Morgan® dealer or [email protected]