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Bulletin # 02 of 2013

Interior Title: 
Bulletin #2 of 2013
Title Type: 
Maintenance & Repair
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #2 of 2013. June 6, 2013
Bulletin Type: 
Maintenance & Repair Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Re. 505-110 Sealed Pull Pins- standard on all Kirby Morgan helmets except the SL 17B & MK 21
Products Affected: 
Kirby Morgan helmets except the SL 17B & MK 21.

This bulletin is to serve as a reminder that, in accordance with the helmet Operations & Maintenance Manuals, and the Maintenance Checklist Appendices, KMDSI recommends that the 505-110 sealed pull pins be inspected regularly and serviced at least annually.

In accordance with Checklist Appendices A2.1, A2.2, and A.23, they should be carefully inspected on a regular basis. Check for signs of leakage and corrosion, and ensure the sealed pull pins are operating properly.

Note the “Caution” after step 5, Appendix A2.2: If Sealed Pull Pins do not operate smoothly, or if oil is leaking from the Pull Pins, the Pull Pins should be serviced by an Authorized / Certified KMDSI Repair Technician trained to overhaul Pull Pins.

See Chapter 8 in all helmet Operations & Maintenance Manuals (except 17B) for recommendations and procedures regarding the 505-110 sealed pull pins.

Bulletin #2 of 2013

The above specifics, combined with standard recommendations for routine vigilant inspection of parts (i.e. metal parts for signs of corrosion) in accordance with the Manuals, Checklists, past Kirby Morgan bulletins and authorized training, will greatly reduce the possibility of part failure due to lack of properly scheduled inspection/maintenance.

Maintenance Checklists will be found here and on the Dive Lab website here.

All Operations & Maintenance Manuals will be found on the Kirby Morgan website.



Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail [email protected] for more information.