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Bulletin # 02 of 2014

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Bulletin #2 of 2014
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New Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #2 of 2014. March 20, 2014
Bulletin Type: 
New Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Balanced 2nd Stage SCUBA Regulator
Products Affected: 
800-151 M48 MOD 1 Mask with Regulator 800-050 M48 SuperMask® with Regulator

200-120 Balanced 2nd Stage SCUBA Regulator
200-125 Balanced 2nd Stage Regulator for M-48 and M-48 Mod-1 Full Face Masks
200-150 Balanced 2nd Stage SCUBA Regulator with SuperFlow® First Stage.

Bulletin 2 of 2014

Balanced Second Stage Regulator P/N 200-120 (left) and First Stage with Balanced Second Stage SCUBA Regulator P/N 200-150

Bulletin 2 of 2014

Balanced SCUBA Regulator on the M-48 MOD 1

Beginning April 2014, both the M-48 MOD 1 Full Face Mask and the original M-48 SuperMask®, when ordered “with regulator”, will come standard with the new 200-125 Balanced Second Stage Regulator (ref. P/Ns 800-151 MOD 1, 800-050 M48

The Balanced 2nd Stage Regulator shares basic components and design features found on the new KM 97 helmet’s 455 Balanced regulator. The uniquely shaped exhaust whisker diverts exhaust bubbles away from the diver’s field of vision. The design also provides a firm attachment/hinge point to the SCUBA pod of the SuperMask® and MOD 1 mask, which stabilizes the regulator when external forces are applied. The balanced SCUBA regulator’s overall breathing performance is outstanding and easily exceeds all European CE requirements when used with the Kirby Morgan® CE approved first stage regulator (P/N 305-161) or other CE approved first stage regulators (those with a minimum intermediate supply pressure of 135 psig).

For the assembly that includes our 305-161 SuperFlow® First stage with the Balanced Second Stage SCUBA Regulator, order P/N 200-150.

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail KMDSI at [email protected] for more information.