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Bulletin # 04 of 2005

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Bulletin # 4 of 2005
Title Type: 
Change to Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 4 of 2005. March 15.2005
Bulletin Type: 
Change to Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Quad Valve™ Cover Kit (KMDSI Part #525-762)
Products Affected: 
Kirby Morgan® helmets currently equipped with a Tri-Valve® exhaust,
Bulletin 4 of 2005

Components of the Quad Valve Cover kit

The Quad Valve™ Cover kit will convert most Kirby Morgan® helmets currently equipped with a Tri-Valve® exhaust, to a Quad Valve™ system. KMDSI strongly recommends this upgrade for anyone who dives in biologically contaminated water.


The kit includes the quad exhaust cover that connects the exhaust whisker system to the helmet exhaust body, all required screws, tie wraps, and a replacement exhaust valve. Installation by a qualified KMDSI technician is recommended by Kirby Morgan®.


The Quad Valve™ is recommended for diving in biologically contaminated water. However, the chemical compatibility of this exhaust system has NOT been tested at this time, so no recommendations are made regarding diving in environments polluted with hazardous chemicals. Prior to diving in contaminated water, the diver must be properly trained and equipped, and a proper dive plan, including provisions for decontamination following the dive, must be formulated. Failure to follow these precautions could result in serious injury or death.


Bulletin 4 of 2005

The Quad Valve cover kit easily installed. Location numbers are based on the most current drawing of the KM37 helmet.