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Bulletin # 04 of 2007

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Bulletin # 4 of 2007
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New Product
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Bulletin # 4 of 2007. June 6, 2007
Bulletin Type: 
New Product Bulletin
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SuperFlow® 450 Regulator Conversion Kit, Part #525-766
Products Affected: 
Kirby Morgan® Helmets and BandMasks® with SuperFlow® 350 Regulator

Divers who wish to upgrade the performance of their Kirby Morgan helmet or Bandmask equipped with the 505-069 or “350” regulator, can now do so with the Regulator Conversion Kit, Part # 525-766. The kit provides all of the parts and instructions needed to install the stainless steel SuperFlow-450 regulator. This product will be shipping on June 15, 2007. (A separate kit, Part #525-763, is available for the SuperLite-27 and is already shipping.)
The SuperFlow-450 regulator (standard on our KM57 helmet) is a high-performance regulator. It provides the following features and benefits:

• Compact design
• Low-profile
• All stainless steel construction
• High-performance breathing characteristics
• Near identical balance characteristics for helmets and masks compared to gear equipped with SuperFlow-350


The conversion from the SuperFlow-350 to SuperFlow-450 is quick and easy. It requires a minimum number of tools and can be performed by any trained Kirby Morgan helmet technician.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit is not compatible with the SuperLite 27 helmet. Order Part #525-763 for a similar kit for the SuperLite-27.

This kit is not compatible with the SuperLite 17A/B helmets, or earlier model small tube regulator Bandmasks (pre-’99 KMB-18s and pre-September 2004 KMB 28s).

For more information, contact a Kirby Morgan dealer near you.

Bulletin 4 of 2007

The 525-763 Conversion Kit includes the regulator assembly, a rubber spacer, three o-rings, and a tie wrap.