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Bulletin #04 of 2018

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Bulletin #4 of 2018
Title Type: 
Discontinued Product Bulletin
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #4 of 2018. June 22, 2018
Bulletin Type: 
Discontinuance Of Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
525-120 SL 27® Double Exhaust Kit & 510-635 Double Exhaust Whisker Discontinued
Products Affected: 
525-120 Double Exhaust Kit, 27® and 510-635 Double Exhaust Whisker, 27®
Bulletin #11 of 2014

P/N 510-635 SL 27® Double Exhaust Whisker (Discontinued)

Kirby Morgan® has made the decision to discontinue SuperLite® 27® Double Exhaust Kit, P/N 525-120.

The Double Exhaust for the SL 27® Helmet helped prevent water “backflow” into the helmet. This was a “pre-TRI-VALVE” exhaust configuration.

The double exhaust system was made obsolete by the SL 27® TRI-VALVE Exhaust system, standard on the helmet since February, 2005.

The TRI-VALVE exhaust provides an exceptionally dry breathing system, making the SuperLite® 27® helmet suitable for contaminated water diving, with the proper setup.

The TRI-VALVE exhaust also provides less exhaust resistance and improved “work of breathing”. Easier breathing means the diver can work longer and more efficiently.

The Double Exhaust kit and its parts were kept on hand for the convenience of those who chose not to upgrade to the TRI-VALVE exhaust.

Availability Of The 525-120 Double Exhaust Kit, SL 27®, Is Now Limited To Stock On Hand.

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail [email protected] for more information.