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Bulletin # 05 of 2007

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Bulletin # 5 of 2007
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Change To Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 5 of 2007. June 12, 2007
Bulletin Type: 
Change to Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
Microphones Now Shipping With Strain Relief Ring & Equalizing Vent
Products Affected: 
515-022, 515-029, 315-201, 515-023, 515-033, 515-009, 315-206, 315-017, 515-024 and 515-030

Improvements to all current production Kirby Morgan microphones.

As of May 31, 2007, all microphone assemblies and spare microphones are being shipped with the following changes.

1) The addition of a strain relief ring attached to the back side. The strain relief is not available as a spare part.

2) The addition of a small equalizing vent on the back side.

The strain relief will provide needed support for the wire connection. It was found that frequent removal of the microphones from the oral nasal could cause stress to the wires where they attach and cause the solder joint to fail.

The protective membrane at the back side of the speaker, was in some cases, too slow to respond to changes in pressure. This caused the speaking diaphragm to either collapse partially or completely. This would diminish or destroy the diaphragms functioning. The addition of a small vent hole will prevent this from occurring.


Bulletin #5 of 2007

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