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Bulletin # 07 of 2009

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Bulletin # 7 of 2009
Title Type: 
New Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 7 of 2009. October 23, 2009
Bulletin Type: 
New Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
New Product Tool Kit Pouch P/N 525-613
Products Affected: 
P/N 525-620 and P/N 525-768

Kirby Morgan will soon be offering an improved tool kit pouch (P/N 525-613).

This pouch (P/N 525-613) will be made of a more durable material, 600 × 600 Denier Polyester, and will be large enough to fit all the tools that are currently in either Kirby Morgan tool kit (P/N 525-620 or 525-768). There is a plastic board sewn in to protect the tools and it also has a heavy duty zipper with a large pull tab for easy opening and closing. Dimensions are 10 3⁄4" × 7 1⁄4".

Tool kits will continue to ship free of charge along with every helmet and BandMask® purchased.

Bulletin #7 of 2009  

We anticipate having the new pouch available around the beginning of 2010.
For pricing information please check your 2010 price list available in the near future.

Please contact the sales department at Kirby Morgan if you have additional questions.