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Bulletin # 07 of 2011

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Bulletin # 7 of 2011
Title Type: 
New Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 7 of 2011. October 4, 2011
Bulletin Type: 
New Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
REX® Regulator Exhaust Valve Part Number 510-777
Products Affected: 
KM 47 Helmets 500-070/071, KM 77 Helmets 500-090/091, 505-278, 505-736, 525-377, 525-368

Under certain conditions, the original regulator main exhaust valve, 310-065, used in the REX® regulator assembly, 505-278 could be susceptible to low exhaust flow oscillations, or “Honking”. Several variables have been found to cause this. A solution to this issue has been found by making a slight modification to the shape of the valves. The new part number is 510-777 and the parts are easily distinguished by the change in color from orange/red to medium GRAY. No change to associated procedures for maintenance of the valve are necessary.

Note: This valve is not for use on the EXO® 26 or EXO® BR Full Face Masks. The EXO® Masks will continue to use 310-065 exhaust valve.

Bulletin 7 of 2011

2011 U.S. Retail Price: $15.00

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail KMDSI at [email protected] for more information.