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Bulletin # 07 of 2014

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Bulletin #7 of 2014
Title Type: 
Change To Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin #7 of 2014. July 9, 2014
Bulletin Type: 
Change to Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
510-690 Oral Nasal Mask replaces 510-747 Oral Nasal Mask, SuperLite® 27® Helmet only
Products Affected: 
SuperLite® 27® Helmet P/Ns 500-040, 500-041. 525-333 SL 27® Helmet Spares Kit, 525-341 SL 27® Overseas Spares Kit.

For an improved oral nasal mask fit, the SuperLite® 27® Helmet will begin shipping August 2014 with its previous oral nasal mask, the 510-690. It has been found that this oral nasal mask provides a better fit and improved operation of the nose block device. The 510-690 replaces the 510-747 oral nasal mask for the SuperLite® 27® Helmet only. The 510-747 oral nasal mask (color: black) went into production on all helmets and BandMasks® December 2009. The SuperLite® 27® Helmet now reverts to the pre-2009 oral nasal mask, the 510-690 (color: grey).

Oral Nasal Mask 510-747 Oral Nasal Mask, black in color, for all Helmets and BandMasks® EXCEPT the SuperLite® 27® Helmet.510-690 Oral Nasal Mask, grey in color, replaces the 510-747 for the SuperLite® 27® Helmet ONLY.

Suggested US Retail: 510-690 Oral Nasal Mask $42.50

NOTE: The 510-690 Oral Nasal Mask is available for purchase and will not be provided on a “free exchange” basis.

Please contact your local KMDSI dealer or e-mail [email protected] for more information.