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Bulletin # 09 of 2005

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Bulletin # 9 of 2005
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Change to Product
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Bulletin # 9 of 2005. May 11.2005
Bulletin Type: 
Change to Product Bulletin
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New SuperFlow® 350 Regulator Body, KMDSI Part #545-080
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SuperFlow® 350 Regulator Body
Bulletin 9 of 2005

Note the two screw holes on the back of the regulator body. This is where the flange connects to the generator.

Kirby Morgan® Dive Systems, Inc. has redesigned its SuperFlow® 350 regulator body. This new body, KMDSI Part #545-080, allows for easy replacement of the exhaust valve flange, eliminating the need to purchase a new regulator body in the event the exhaust valve flanges are damaged.

To replace the flange, users and technicians will need to purchase the new SuperFlow® 350 Flange Kit, KMDSI Part #525-027. The kit includes a flange, a rubber gasket, and two replacement screws.

The new regulator body offers identical performance to the prior regulator body and has the same dimensions. Installation by a trained KMDSI technician is recommended.

This item has been in production since January 2005.

Bulletin 9 of 2005

Interior of the regulator body.

The SuperFlow 350 Flange Kit must be purchased seperately.