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Bulletin # 09 of 2009

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Bulletin # 9 of 2009
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New Product
Bulletin Date: 
Bulletin # 9 of 2009 December 7, 2009
Bulletin Type: 
New Product Bulletin
Bulletin Subject: 
New Product Oral Nasal Mask P/N 510-747
Products Affected: 
P/N 510-690 Oral Nasal

Kirby Morgan is now shipping a new Oral Nasal Mask (P/N 510-747) on all helmets and BandMasks® equipped with the SuperFlow® 350 or 450 as well as spare parts kits that previously used the 510-690 oral nasal. This product has been tested and has passed the new CE standard requirement. It has an improved face sealing flap as well as relocated microphone and oral nasal valve placements for better fit and performance. The 510-747 will retrofit earlier units as described above. Provisions have also been made to allow fitting the new lens retainer kit (525-775) for using prescription eyeglass lenses.

2009/2010 US Retail: $40.00

Please Note: The 510-690 Oral Nasal Mask will remain available only as supplies last.

Features: an improved Face Sealing Flap, relocated Microphone and Oral Nasal Valve placements for better performance, and provision for lens retainer kit.

Products Affected: Helmets: SL-17 A/B, SL-27, KM-37, KM-57 and SL-17C (Not compatible with the KM-47, KM- 77 and MK-21).

Kits Affected: 525-216, 525-218, 525-255, 525-317, 525-319, 525-325, 525-327, 525-333, 525-347, 525-349, 525- 341.

Please contact the sales department at Kirby Morgan if you have additional questions