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KMACS 5 With Communications



  • Manual KMACS-5 Complete
    This is your operations and maintenance manual. It is a writable USB flash drive which enables you to add or subtract the manual PDF sections as they are updated or when you purchase new Kirby Morgan products.
  • Battery Charger Assembly


  • Depth Gauge/Pneumo Systems
    Dual reading gauges are accurate to + 1/4 of 1% of scale, continuously monitoring the diver's depths from 0-250 FSW (0-78 MSW). Maximum recommended user depth: 130 FSW.
  • Depth Monitoring/Pneumo Knob
    Used to meter the flow of air used for depth measurement.
  • High Pressure (HP) Supply Gauges
    Directly monitors the pressure in each of the air supply cylinders.
  • High Pressure Air Supply Yokes
    High Pressure Air Supply Yokes with DIN fittings. Each yoke has a bleeder valve for rapid cylinder changing. H. P. Supply Max. 4500 P.S.I. (300 Bars )
  • Low pressure Air Supply Fitting
    Allows a low pressure compressor to be used as the primary air source. Low Pressure Supply Max. 225 P.S.I.
  • Regulator Adjustment Knob
    Controls the air pressure delivered to the diver's umbilical. Variable pressure settings from 115 P.S.I. to 225 P.S.I. are obtainable.
  • Selector Valve Handle
    Used to choose either one of the air supply cylinders. Individual cylinders may be changed out with no interruption of the dive.
  • Shut Off Valve
    Controls the air supply to both divers. When the valve handle is up (vertical) the valve is open. When the valve handle is down (horizontal) the valve is closed.
  • The Stainless Steel Air Outlets fittings
    Connect the diver's air supply hose and depth monitoring/pneumo hose to the KMACS, providing a strong, reliable, corrosion resistant connection. Shut-off valves allow the isolation of one diver's air supply from the other.
  • Umbilical Pressure Gauge
    Provides a constant reading of the pressure in the diver's umbilical. The scale on the gauge is 0-300 P.S.I. (0-20 Bar). Recommended umbilical pressure range 150-225 P.S.I.