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Kirby Morgan 57

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  • No longer in production. Spares are available.

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Kirby Morgan® 57

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  • 500-080 KM 57 Helmet w/Posts
  • 500-081 KM 57 Helmet w/MWPC

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The color chart on this page is intended as a reference guide only. The colors here have been matched as closely as possible.


  • 505-120 Neck Ring Assembly, Small
    Neck Ring Assembly, Small
    Part# 505-090
  • Neck Ring Assembly
    Neck Ring Assembly, XL
    Part# 505-093
  • Latex Neck Ring Assembly
    Neck Ring Assembly, Latex, Medium-Large
    Part# 505-117
  • Latex Neck Ring Assembly
    Latex Neck Ring Assembly, Small–Medium
    Part# 505-118
  • Neck Ring Assembly
    Neck Ring Assembly, Medium
    Part# 505-119
  • Neck Ring Assembly
    Neck Ring Assembly, Large
    Part# 505-120
  • Neck Dam, Small
    Neck Dam, Small
    Part# 510-627
  • Neck Dam, Medium (Standard)
    Neck Dam, Medium (Standard)
    Part# 510-628
  • Neck Dam, Large
    Neck Dam, Large
    Part# 510-629
  • Latex Neck Dam, Small/Medium
    Latex Neck Dam, Small/Medium
    Part# 510-631
  • Latex Neck Dam, Medium/Large
    Latex Neck Dam, Medium/Large
    Part# 510-633
  • Replacement Foam Set
    Part# 510-672
  • Cold Water Neck Dam
    Cold Water Neck Dam, Small
    Part# 510-674
  • Cold Water Neck Dam, Medium
    Cold Water Neck Dam, Medium
    Part# 510-675
  • Cold Water Neck Dam, Large
    Cold Water Neck Dam, Large
    Part# 510-676
  • Chin Cushion
    Chin Cushion
    Part# 510-683
  • Neck Dam, X-Large
    Neck Dam, X-Large
    Part# 510-688
  • Latex Neck Dam, X-Large
    Latex Neck Dam, X-Large
    Part# 510-689
  • Oral Nasal Mask
    Oral Nasal Mask
    Part# 510-747
  • Head Cushion Assembly
    Head Cushion Assembly
    The fit of the head cushion is critical to both comfort and safety. The head cushion should be adjusted so that it assists in the proper seal of the oral nasal mask to the face. The head cushion is one out of a three part system. The Earphone holes are no longer present in the side pieces, but may be cut if the user prefers. The material is laser cut to prevent the edges from fraying or unraveling and has a handy loop attached to the liner for hanging and drying.
    Part# 510-754
  • Communication Assembly with Post
    Communication Assembly with Post
    Part# 515-023
  • Communications Assembly with MWPC
    Communications Assembly with MWPC
    Part# 515-024
  • Communications Kit for all Helmets and Band Masks
    Communications Kit for all Helmets and Band Masks
    Part# 515-033
  • Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit
    Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit
    Part# 525-032
  • Front Standoff Kit
    Part# 525-116
  • Sealed Pull Pin Overhaul Kit
    Part# 525-211
  • Soft Goods Overhaul Kit, KM 57
    525-217 Soft Goods Overhaul Kit for 57
    Part# 525-217
  • 525-218 Helmet Spares Kit for KM 57
    Part# 525-218
  • Side Block Rebuild Kit
    Side Block Kit
    Part# 525-311
  • One Way Valve Kit
    One Way Valve Kit
    Part# 525-330
  • SL 17C/K, KM 37 and 57 with 455 Regulator Soft Goods Overhaul Kit
    Part# 525-356
  • Chin Strap Assembly Kit
    Chin Strap Assembly Kit
    Part# 525-716
  • Regulator Rebuild Kit, SS Balanced
    Regulator Rebuild Kit, SS Balanced
    Part# 525-718
  • Head Cushion Foam Spacer (HCFS) Kit
    Part# 525-745
  • Replacement Foam Kit for 510-754 Head Cushion
    Part# 525-746
  • SuperFlow® 450 Regulator Parts Upgrade Kit
    Part# 525-757
  • Quad Valve Exhaust Kit
    Quad Valve Exhaust Kit
    Part# 525-759
  • Quad-Valve Cover Kit for SL-17A/B/C/K and 37
    Part# 525-762
  • Pull Strap Assembly Kit
    Part# 525-770