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Kirby Morgan 57

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  • No longer in production. Spares are available.

KM57 Top Tab

  • Manual KM37 & KM57
    This is your operations and maintenance manual. It is a writable USB flash drive which enables you to add or subtract the manual PDF sections as they are updated or when you purchase new Kirby Morgan products.
  • Logbook w/ pen
  • Helmet/Mask Bag

    Measurements: 16’’ length x 12’’ width x 16’’ height. Made of high quality, tough black nylon, encasing a light weight, white polyethylene foam that features low water absorption and is fairly rigid (good impact strength). The two grommeted ventilation holes seen in the photo are on both sides of the bag. A large elastic topped pocket is on each side, for holding tool kits, checklists, logbooks, spares, etc. (There are no inside pockets). The bag handles are 1” wide straps of black polyester webbing. The bag closes up with two, large YKK zippers. We do not recommend the 500-901 helmet bag as a shipping container or packaging for your Kirby Morgan life support equipment!


The Kirby Morgan® 57 features our SuperFlow® 450 Stainless Balanced Regulator.

The Kirby Morgan 57 Diving Helmet continues the tradition of innovation, providing the high quality and performance that divers have come to expect in a Kirby Morgan product. This helmet features our SuperFlow® 450 Stainless Balanced Regulator. It's machined from a stainless steel casting for increased performance and reliability. This commercially rated regulator delivers all the breathing gas you need for the most demanding work underwater.