EXO Oral Nasal Kit
EXO Oral Nasal Kit
Part # Description Qty.
310-055Oral Nasal Mask1
320-048Tie Wrap, EXO Oral Nasal5
330-040Screw, Socket Head2
330-900Wire Retainer1
340-015Mount Ring1
350-047Mount Nut, Regulator1
320-001Mic Plug.1
325-640Regulator Mount Nut Tool1
325-645Mount Ring Adjustment Tool1
This kit provides an oral nasal mask for the earlier original model EXO-26 which were designed and built without oral nasals.
NOTE: Installing the oral nasal mask requires removing the 310-015 inlet tube, which will delete the automatic defog and ventilation feature of the original model EXO-26.