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Helmet/Mask Bag
Measurements: 16’’ length x 12’’ width x 16’’ height. Made of high quality, tough black nylon, encasing a lightweight, white polyethylene foam that features low water absorption and is fairly rigid (good impact strength). The two grommeted ventilation holes seen in the photo are on both sides of the bag. A large elastic topped pocket is on each side, for holding tool kits, checklists, logbooks, spares, etc. (There are no inside pockets). The bag handles are 1” wide straps of black polyester webbing. The bag closes up with two, large YKK zippers. We do not recommend the 500-901 helmet bag as a shipping container or packaging for your Kirby Morgan life support equipment!
Part # 500-901
125-001 Maintenance and Repair Log Book with Pen
Logbook w/ pen
Part # 125-001
Manual 17C
This is your operations and maintenance manual. It is a writable USB flash drive which enables you to add or subtract the manual PDF sections as they are updated or when you purchase new Kirby Morgan products.
Part # 100-006
200-017 Overpressure Relief Valve
Overpressure Relief Valve
The Kirby Morgan® Overpressure Relief Valve is factory adjusted to vent any time the pressure in the low pressure hose connecting the bailout bottle to your emergency valve exceeds 200 P.S.I. It is installed in any of the low pressure ports in the first stage regulator.
Part # 200-017
Restrictor Adapter
The 555-210 Restrictor Adapter should be used when an inflation hose is attached to the side block when drysuit diving. The main purpose of the Restrictor Adapter is to limit gas flow in the event the hose ruptures or is severed, and to ensure the loss of supply would not be great enough to significantly affect the diver’s breathing at moderate to heavy work rates. It also helps prevent filling the dry suit too rapidly.   NOTE: O-ring 310-003 is required to install the Restrictor Adaptor onto the side block.  
Part # 555-210
Swing Catch Retrofit Kit, 17C
This catch allows the diver a quicker, easier removal of the helmet. As of January of 1996, this part is standard on all SL 17C helmets.
Part # 525-135


SL-17A/B and SL-17C Anode Kit
Anode Kit 17B/17C
Part # : 525-376
Bracket Kit for KM 37,47,57 and SL-17K
Brackets Kit
Part # : 525-717
Chin Cushion
Chin Cushion
Part # : 510-683
455 Regulator
Conversion Kit, 455 Regulator for 350/450 Regulators
Part # : 525-765
Dry Suit Neck Ring Kit For All Kirby Morgan® Helmets (Except the SL 17B)
Part # : 525-230
Front Standoff Kit
Part # : 525-116
Head Cushion Assembly
Head Cushion Assembly
Part # : 510-754
Hot Water Shroud
Hot Water Shroud Kit for SL Helmets, KM 37/57 & KMB® 18/28
Part # : 525-100
Lens Retainer Kit
Lens Retainer Kit
Part # : 525-776
Oral Nasal With Lens Retainer Kit
Oral Nasal With Lens Retainer Kit
Part # : 525-775
525-112 Pull Pin Sleeve
Pull Pin Sleeve
Part # : 525-112
Replacement Foam Kit for 510-754 Head Cushion
Part # : 525-746
SL 17C/K, KM 37 and 57 with 455 Regulator Soft Goods Overhaul Kit
Part # : 525-356
SuperFlow® 350 Regulator Assembly Kit
Part # : 525-771
525-135 Swing Catch Retrofit Kit, SL 17C
Swing Catch Retrofit Kit, SL 17C
Part # : 525-135
Welding Lens Assembly
Weld Lens Kit
Part # : 525-403
Welding Shield Assembly
Welding Shield Assembly
Part # : 525-400