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EXO® BR - Overview


Rugged, comfortable and easy

Like the EXO® standard, the BR is rugged, comfortable, easy, and inexpensive to maintain throughout the World.

EXO® 26BR (Balanced Regulator)is virtually identical to the EXO® standard and with the only difference being that the demand regulator is of a balanced inlet valve design that offers the greatest breathing performance of any full face mask.

The regulator shares many of the same components as the EXO® standard but incorporates a balanced inlet valve that can allow breathing rates of 75 LPM to depths of 190 fsw (70msw) on air. EXO BR is recommended for divers that routinely dive deep and need a mask that can allow maximum performance. Like the EXO® standard, the BR is rugged, comfortable and easy and inexpensive to maintain. throughout the World.

Part Number
325-772 EXO® BR