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This section includes a detailed description of the Kirby Morgan® 37SS, as well as important operational specifications.

KM 37SS - 30.96 pounds

Stainless Steel


Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate

Neoprene. Optional latex neck dam available


Nylon bag filled with #4 Polyester foam

All helmets and masks are lubricated at the factory with Christo-Lube®. Kirby Morgan recommends Christo-Lube® or Tribolube® for all gas train components. Dow Corning® 111 Silicone or equivalent may be used for helmet and mask components that are used with gas mixtures containing less than 50% oxygen.

The SuperFlow® 350 regulator on the Kirby Morgan® 37SS offers high performance. The regulator has been tested at Dive Lab at Panama City, Florida. It meets all current U.S. Navy and European diving standards.

The cage code for identifying KMDSI products for U.S. government purposes is 58366.

The minimum operating temperature recommended for this helmet is 34 °F (1 °C). At the time of this writing, no hot water shroud is available for this helmet for heating the diver’s breathing gas.

NOTE: Usually the greatest danger of demand regulator icing will be encountered on deck when the surrounding air temperature is less than 32 °F (0 °C). This effect is primarily due to the refrigeration effect of breathing air pressure reduction, and the addition of moisture from the diver’s exhalation coming in contact with the topside air temperature